Ghostwriting and guest authorship prevention

The Editors of the journal strongly identify with the idea of academic fairness.

By submitting an article to Analyses/Rereadings/Theories Journal the contributors declare that the individuals disclosed as authors are the only ones who made an important contribution to the article. They also declare that the paper they submit is an original work and that it has not been submitted or published elsewhere.

Please note that the contributors are responsible for providing the Editors with a financial disclosure (information about any sources of financing of a given publication – e.g. funding obtained from a research institution or a scientific association).

Every discovered instance of ghostwriting, guest authorship or plagiarism will be documented, revealed and reported to the appropriate institutions (i.e. entities where the authors are employed, other journals and institutions).

Ghostwriting means that at least one of the authors who made an important contribution to the article is not mentioned as a co-author.

Guest authorship (honorary authorship) means that a person listed as a co-author never made a significant contribution to the article.

For more information please visit the following website.


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